Founded in 1989, Parachute Music is a charitable trust working in the New Zealand music industry. We have a very clear mission: to help Christian Musicians shift pop culture.

Our Events Department is busy throughout the year, with two main focuses - Parachute Festival and Noise Training events for musicians. Our first Parachute Festival was hosted in 1991, since then the festival has since grown to attract regular crowds of 20,000. The three-day event takes place in Hamilton each January.

We also regularly run Noise seminars around the country to help musicians develop their skills and give them a strong foundation to work from. These events have featured a range of contributors over the years; from international worship leaders, to NZ music industry leaders.

Our Artist Department partners with a range of musicians, offering management and mentoring services to help artists take their careers to the next level. 



Parachute Artists in Development 2015